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Thursday, April 9

We're baa-aa-aack! Well, sort of...

Buckle up, Little Green Baby lovers! Because, after 3 long years of missing this business, I'm getting back in action! Not the way you are used to, but the way I initially planned on starting out. A crafter, artist and retailer at heart, I'm going back to my passion - creating and sharing. There are no plans for a physical retail store. I'll be starting small with an Etsy shop, which will be up and running as soon as the new inventory is ready. Not only am I busy creating fun things to offer, I'm also busy creating a tiny human who will be joining us in July! So bear with me, it will be slow. But it IS coming...

Little Green Baby is back and will (hopefully) be better than ever! Please sign up to receive blog updates and join our Facebook page, and I will alert you when the Etsy shop and Pinterest page and up and running!

Thanks as always for your support. Without all of your heartfelt messages over the past 3 years, I would have thought we were long forgotten. I'm excited to connect with my customers again!

All the best,

PS:  As you can see, Bubbles is excited to be back at work!

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