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Friday, December 9


We are turning over a new leaf at little green baby. We have decided to close down our retail store on Rockwell and focus our energy on our web store. Why do we love this idea? It's green! We aren't burning energy at the store, or wasting paper, or creating trash. And the best news is - you can still shop local from the comfort of your own home!  Home/office delivery options will also be available after the first of the year.  Score!

Many of you have been in our store.  So you know our style.  Quality comes first.  We will still be quality testing products before we offer them - and what's great is on each page of product listed, there will be full descriptions of what they are, and why we love them.  It also helps the gift givers in your lives understand why these products are so important to you! The reduction of store overhead will allow prices to relax as well. 

Possibly the greatest news is that we will be able to slowly begin offering your even MORE selection! High chairs are just the beginning. Eventually we hope to be able to bring you children's eco-furniture and gear made via eco-friendly means.  

We have truly cherished every moment of getting to know all of our local customers (and some non-local customers too).  I feel luck to have begun this journey with all of you and look forward to bringing you along to the next phase of little green baby!  It's very exciting!  Except for Bubbles - he's having a hard time adjusting. He doesn't like change. 

That also means HUGE SALE!!!! Just in time for the holidays - lucky you! That never happens does it? Everyone always has those huge sales after the holidays. So it's your lucky day!  BE SURE TO LIKE US ON FACEBOOK FOR UPDATES ON THE CLOSING SALE!!

Hurry in now and get 10 - 50% off! Finish off your holiday list, shop ahead for next year, or just get it cause it's cute & on sale.

We will be open until the inventory is gone - but be sure to check our hours as they may be changing over the next couple weeks.  And watch your email for our going away party! 

The fine print: 1) all items purchased will be final sale, 2) all purchases under $40 must be in cash and 3) effective immediately there will be no returns or exchanges, 4) any gift cards purchased in the store must be used by the store closing date (tbd based on sales and inventory), 5) while supplies last.

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