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Tuesday, October 11

Refer our 1,000th Facebook fan and get $200 toward your favorite charity or organization. No joke.

These days it seems there are so many people who need help. From a neighborhood family in need, to saving shelter pups, to important school organizations - everyone needs a little help. In my own life, I wish I could give more away than I do.  We all have limits, I guess.

With that sentiment in mind, coupled with our core goals of creating more awareness about eco-friendly and non-toxic living, I found a way to combine these two endeavors. Reaching new people on Facebook has been a wonderful way to create more conversations about an eco-lifestyle. I'm currently in the process of creating my own college-based research study to prove or disprove a couple theories I have. There is a lot coming up! 

If you feel that our mission at little green baby is worthwhile, and you'd like to let others know about it - I want to offer you an incentive to do that. If you refer our 1,000th Facebook fan, I'll give your special charity
or organization a $200 donation. We will be interviewing the winner so we can blog about it to try to draw attention to what's important to you. We will also award you, personally, with a $50 gift certificate towards a store purchase.  While our mission is to grow healthier & greener babies, we also want to support the people who support us. Especially since we are the leaders who teach our kiddos that life is more than about making money - it's about helping others in the process. 

where do I sign up ?!?

1.  Go to our Facebook page and become a fan.  
2.  At the bottom of the left column, click the "share" option.  
3.  Share our page with whomever, wherever, as often as you like. We
      are not biased when it comes to spreading the word about a cleaner,
      greener lifestyle for our green babies and their families.
4.  It's simple - whoever referred our 1,000th fan, gets the prize.
      Post as often as you like until we reach our goal!  
5.  Tip: when sharing on your wall, feel free to tag us and include any
      special anecdotes on how we've helped you at all. You may just
      find your little comment on our website!! And let's face it - I never
      grow tired of hearing it.

I want to do more than just sell organic baby stuff. My goal is to promote a whole new outlook for  purchasing decisions for your family. We hope you agree and pass the message along.   

As always, we appreciate your support and your business. Cheers!


  1. wow, its nice to see a local business trying to give back. i know it's a little bit of promotion too, but if you are going to promote your business, you may as well help your neighbor too. not too many people out there wanting to do both. nice job.

  2. Maggie Ruehl (green momma of 2)October 17, 2011 at 8:08 PM

    This is so cool! Finally a business owner who cares more about the bottom like. Bravo!

  3. Does my child's school tuition count??? :)

    Seriously though, this is a wonderful thing. Can't wait for the website too!

  4. It is breast cancer month....hint hint.